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Hey! My name is Chris and I’m a NJ based Voice Over Artist. I use my voice to bring stories to life mostly in the form of Audiobooks, but I am always willing to take on any kind of voice over job. I have a good range and am always very enthusiastic to take on whatever challenges await me. 


my biography

I started getting into voice over work when my friend and I decided to create and produce our own podcast, The Real Basement Dwellers Podcast. We would review games you played with friends and even occasionally get special guests from the board game industry to come on and talk about their games. 

After that I got the voice acting bug and started to do volunteer work with As my confidence, skill, and equipment improved, I started to dip my toes into the voice acting pool by recording audiobooks with and now I have quite a few audiobooks under my belt available for sale now at!


my biography

The first audiobook I ever recorded for Audible was called Dreamweaver. It was a very small book that made for only a few hours of recording, but I was super excited to take part in it. It was in the vein of Anime and it allowed me to do some cartoony over the top voices and I had a blast. 

From there, little by little, I would record longer books, until finally I was hired by Cheree Alsop to record an entire 7 book series called Werewolf Academy. It took a few years and a lot of time and energy but it is now officially 100% done and I am ready to find my next job!



Werewolf Academy Book one

by Cheree Alsop

the silver series book six

by Cheree Alsop

by Cheree Alsop

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