End of an Era

Well I have not been very good at keeping up this blog, life keeps throwing curve balls and keeping me busy. The important part is I am still alive, and things are finally starting to look a bit up in my life. That being said, I have been working tirelessly on finishing up the final book of The Werewolf Academy Series. It is so important for me to give the final book a proper final sendoff that I have literally driven myself insane, and am in the process of re-recording the entire book from scratch for the 3rd time. I took a few voice acting lessons in between recordings and was just unhappy with the way I sounded originally, and with my improved skillset I decided to just redo the whole thing, a few times at least. I am feeling really good about this final attempt, like I finally locked down the proper tone that I was missing. I have made a promise to myself that whatever I come up with during this last recording is what I will use because I do not want to make people wait any longer. You have all been very supportive of my work and it is because of this fanbase that I want to do the final book justice. If all goes well it should be done and out to Amazon within the next few weeks. As long as it is approved it is looking like it could be an October release, right in time for Halloween!

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