The Hardships Life Offers

Greetings and salutations again to all of those who take the time to navigate to my website. Life has kept me really busy which is understandable when you have a full time job on top of the part time job that is Audiobook Narrating. Lately I haven’t been doing anything except focusing on the Werewolf Academy Series that the wonderful author Cheree Alsop entrusted to me. I have to tell you it has been an experience. I am not saying it is a bad experience, just overwhelming at times.

Before I landed this series I had no trouble keeping up with the odd book I would record here and there. When I was offered a chance to do a whole series I was very much on board. The thought that I could take these awesome characters on this entire epic journey across 7 books was really something I always wanted to be able to do. Of course things happen all of the time that are out of our control and I found myself facing hardship after hardship.

The first hurdle came from when my family was dealing with my brother being diagnosed with cancer. This person who is extremely important in my life, my older brother, suddenly was sick and there was nothing I could do to help him. All we could do is sit there listening to the doctors as they proposed the surgery and treatment that would eventually save his life. Thankfully my brother is doing well now and everything seems fine, but for a while it was hard to concentrate on anything else. It is one thing to see a friend or acquaintance going through something like that, and entirely different when it is a reality that your family has to suddenly face. I kept up with the recording to the best of my ability but it has been pretty hard and despite all of the books being written and on sale now, I only just put to bed the 4th audiobook earlier this month. Thankfully I am past the halfway mark with only three more books to go, and I am hoping things will go smoother and more efficiently from this point on.

Anyway getting back to the tale at hand after the debacle with my brother’s illness I hit another hurdle when my parents were having a lot of trouble keeping up with their finances. At this point I was living in my own apartment spending $1,000 a month on rent, and the rest of my money on bills and a silly thing like food that I felt horrible I couldn’t spare any extra money to help ease their issues. At this point I was also getting extremely frustrated with recording because as is often the case I got an extremely loud and annoying neighbor living in the apartment above me that when I would sit down to record some obnoxious noises would suddenly burst forth like some Lovecraftian horror whose sole purpose of existence was to drive me into unending madness and rage, eventually Cthulhu won and I gave into the insanity.

With my lease being up in but a single month I decided that it would be in my best interest to not renew the lease and move back home so not only could I take that extra money I was spending on rent to give to my parents to pay off the bills that were stacking up, one of the major ones being the house was in desperate need of a new roof. You might think having a beautiful cascading waterfall in your bedroom would be quite relaxing but not when it wasn’t your choice to have it in the first place. In fact it has the opposite effect causing endless amounts of stress and discomfort. That, and the fact that I would no longer have to deal with the monstrosity upstairs in my apartment complex recording would be much easier to do, made it a no brainer that moving back home was the right choice. So that is what I did, I moved back home, and within the first month I had saved enough money up to do a full roof replacement and now I am quite happy to report we no longer have water issues. Of course now I have to get the money together to repair all of the water damaged ceilings and floors, but one step at a time perhaps.

Now I am faced with a laundry list of items that need repairs in this house, and without having to throw away all that money on rent I am in a good position to save up the needed funds, naturally it wouldn’t be much of a course if there weren’t at least three hurdles. This next one came in the form of my father having his back issues resurface from when he had surgery back in the early 90s. With his heart attack not that long ago including a full valve replacement he was in no condition to undergo more surgery so if his disc did indeed decide to shatter again we would have a major issue. So he has been out of work for the last couple of months, and with his crappy job at a Loews they do not offer any kind of compensation unless you hurt your back at work. Without my father’s hard earned yet meager paycheck every couple of weeks the bills started stacking up again, and my parent’s needed even more money from me than before. So there goes all that money I was saving to repair other things in the house, I suppose there is no point spending money on such things when you are in risk of loosing the entire house anyway.

Thankfully it seems my father’s back is fine and surgery will not be needed, just a little bit of physical therapy and he will be back into work soon enough allowing me to start saving up the monies again. Of course the construction of my own personal home studio in the basement keeps being dropped further down the list as more and more issues surface. Even without the studio though I have a temporary set up in my bedroom, though being a small room it makes for rather cramped quarters, especially when I had gotten use to having a whole apartment worth of space to myself all of those years. I would love to have the space I had in my old studio setup in the apartment, but the added benefit of a noiseless, acoustically treated environment, one day soon I hope!

Despite all of that I am still going strong. I have even more drive to improve my vocal abilities and get the rest of the Werewolf Academy audiobooks out for public consumption. One thing I am finally doing for myself is using some saved up money to take some voice acting classes to improve my craft even more, hopefully opening the door for even more awesome audiobooks as well as some of the other areas of voice acting, just waiting for Disney to call up and offer me that role in the next amazing Disney Pixar film. I am 100% sure the call is coming…any day now methinks…

That is a bit about what has been going on in my life that has kept me away from this blog. I am hoping to start working more on my public exposure which includes having regular updates on this website for anyone who has been kind enough to visit me here. Together we will make something great, but it is always important to know that no matter how well you plan out things, life can always throw you a curve-ball, so you have to be ready for anything!

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