Werewolf Academy Series

For those of you still keeping tabs on me I have to assure you that despite me not updating this blog as often as I should I am still hard at work producing more and more audiobooks. It seems with each job I finish even more great opportunities arise that keep me really busy. One of the best things that can happen to a budding audiobook narrator is when an Author likes your work so much they keep hiring you to record more of their audiobooks. As you may know I have already done quite a few books with the great Teen Science Fiction Writer Cheree Alsop as I am always happy with the quality of her books and no matter if I am reading the story of a genetically engineered human/bird crossbreed bred to fight to death for the entertainment of the masses like in Galdoni or a lone werewolf learning for the first time that he is not alone in the werewolf world like in Hunter the Silver Series her stories are always gripping and action packed.

Recently my skill set has yet again been requested by Cheree but this time it is more ambitious than anything I have tackled thus far. I am no stranger to sequels as I recorded both Galdoni Book 1&2 and had a blast doing it, but now I have been hired to record every book in her newest series Werewolf Academy. As of now Werewolf Academy is a series that takes place after the events of The Silver Series where Jaze Carso and some of the other werewolves you have come to love form a sort of Hogwarts for Werewolves giving the students a safe place to learn about their heritage and be protected by the extremists who are still dead set on total werewolf genocide. The story follows the life and adventures of Alex and Cassie Davies, the twin siblings of Jet. They are faced with the reality of trying to live their lives after everyone they have ever loved has been taken away from them and it seems the world is out to get them.

I am looking forward to recording this series and am honored Cheree feels I am up to the task of taking on a 7 book project especially when it is the sequel to the book series that her fans love the most out of all of her works. It is a daunting task but I feel I am up to the challenge. As it is now I anticipate the first two audiobooks being completed before the end of the year with book 2 possibly going to very early 2015. I know Cheree is still writing the books so I will record them as they become available and do my best to get them out as quickly as possible to all the fans who are dying to hear what is going on in the world of Werewolf Academy!

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